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The Plane

The performances consist of:

  1. A 1941 Clipped Winged J-3 Cub, a 1969 Pontiac Catalina, pilot, car driver, and support crew.
  2. One car-top landing and an additional comedy act (yes - that's two acts for the price of one) per day during the scheduled air show.
  3. When the aircraft is not engaged in its car-top landing and comedy act routine, it may be manned as a static and promotional display during normal operating hours of the air show.
1941 Clipped Winged J-3 Cub

Pre-show activities consist of:

  1. Publicity video and digital photographs of the aircraft/car demonstration are available before arrival.
  2. Multiple pre-show motivational presentations to K-12 schools, colleges, civic organizations, etc.
  3. Banner towing advertising for the air show over local communities.
  4. Plane may be placed on top of the car, secured and taken to the sponsors’ designated location(s).

Our unique "low altitude" air show routine

Over twenty-three years of experience in giving professional presentations include the aircraft/car, aviation, aeronautics, aerospace technologies, space sciences, physics, astronomy, mathematics, career building techniques while stressing the fundamental importance to "stay-in-school.”


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